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Create host

POST /v1/hosts

Create a new host, lighthouse, or relay.

Token scope required: hosts:create


Request Body required
  • name string required

    Possible values: non-empty and <= 255 characters

    Name of the new host

  • networkID string required

    ID of your network

  • roleID string nullable

    ID of the role you want to assign

  • ipAddress ipv4

    Assign an IP address to be used within the Managed Nebula network. Must be within the network's CIDR range. Will be chosen automatically if not provided.

  • staticAddresses ipv4:port[]

    Default value: ``

    List of static IPv4:port addresses. At least one is required if isLighthouse is true.

  • listenPort integer

    Possible values: <= 65535

    The UDP port nebula should use on the host. An available port will be automatically selected if 0 is specified. Required for lighthouses and relays.

  • isLighthouse boolean

    Set to true to create a new lighthouse. A Lighthouse cannot also be relay.

  • isRelay boolean

    Set to true to create a new relay. A relay cannot also be a lighthouse.


Successful operation

  • data object
  • id string
  • organizationID string
  • networkID string
  • roleID string nullable
  • name string
  • ipAddress ipv4
  • staticAddresses ipv4:port[]
  • listenPort int64

    Will be zero if a regular host

  • isLighthouse boolean

    Default value: false

  • isRelay boolean

    Default value: false

  • createdAt date-time
  • isBlocked boolean

    Default value: false

  • metadata object
  • lastSeenAt string nullable
  • version string nullable
  • platform string nullable

    Possible values: [dnclient, mobile, null]

  • updateAvailable boolean nullable
  • metadata object